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November 29, 2012
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Hyun by Na-pion Hyun by Na-pion
Hiiii everyoone
oh mai, this is one of my old piece, drawing for my bestie ;v; Huyn is from TinierMe. She is so nice <3 And have a swee-e-e-t heart! awww i want to cuddle her >7< wa wa waa-a-a
As you knew, TinierMe is closing, 11 days left. ;m; why is it so fast .. uhuhuu... still so angry with the service, damn it! ;m;
They just care bout their dum money, thats all... arsh

Those days
i exhausted with my homework and classes, just so much thing to learn and study. scared that couldn't make a good grade. moms will sad ;A;;; and even angry,.... and when she get angry... ;A;;;;; nothing can stop her... moms
i'm in love ;A;;; and that that dummy person couldn't realize it. aaaaaaa-a-a-a i hate youuu~ ;A;
i Should forget it soon ;v; thinking about have relationship... arsh. no more freedom... and money will goneee 8D too
What should i choose nao ;A: ? money and freedom or some kind of love that isn't for long (i guess so 8D)

oohh =3= forget it... so yeah O7O enjoy the picture. will draw more >^< <3
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Pillisa Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What Software do you use to color your Drawing? o3o
Na-pion Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sai ;v;
Hatress-Sama Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Save the money... you have your whole life to look for love... focus on yourself now. I secretly like someone too but I choose not to let it be known to anyone... even my friends... because they would then want me to date that person and I have too much I want to do before I start having to worry about a significant other...
Yup, that is my sales speech on why I don not bother to get a boyfriend... teehee...
That picture is so pretty<3 I am really going to miss these TM commissions you make once TM closes...
And Moms really are the scariest force known when angered...
Na-pion Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
=v= yeah i totally agree. he refuse me lol
he said like you said to me just now. i couldn't believe that in this world still have that kind of guys that telling you to study more than like each other. lols. (even he agreed he likes me so much? what the... xD)
so yeah. now i'm freeee O7O like usual.
my friends will do that too if the figure out that i liked that person. haiz :<
ahaha. moms =3= <3 they are so lovely
i will miss tm a lot. i don't know that to do know and where to take commission from now on :(
Hatress-Sama Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Aw, that is really cute... he must be really nice and smart as to care about your studying... and at least he said he likes you too...
Yeah, I was thinking about how difficult the TM shutdown would be for commissioners... I guess you could try to find another site similar to TM...
Na-pion Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
;v; yeah i guess i should but i don't really want to break my heart and addicted to some other site like tm ;m; tm is already enough for me. and it's make me feel really bad after knowing it shutting down :( haiz i think i will stay here ;v; hoping that smb commissed me or just draw what i want 8D lols
do you know Gaia? ( i think this site similar to tm, but i couldn't get used to it == it's so hard to find anything in there :()
Yeeah... but i think he kinda silly? idk. he always cares about his study, his future blah blah. he is losting his TEENAGE ._. he seems really old to other friends that same age as him..
Hatress-Sama Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student General Artist
I know of Gaia but I could never really get into it either... I also found the art style of Gaia terribly inferior... A friend on TM told me of this site that may surface sometime soon that is somewhat similar to TM and is somehow linked with being a charity program... I have yet to send one giant letter to all my TM friends about it, but if you ever have interest, if this site ever develops... I would hope you would maybe consider, though I understand the heartbreak TM has caused...

Losing out on your teenage years is not so good because it is in these years that you should make most of your mistakes so that you do not have to face the same consequences as if you were an adult... Some would call a person like him an "old soul" because of his seriousness and maturity... maybe he does not need his teenage years for making mistakes because he is 'too old' for that...
I don't mean to be terribly nosy, and you do not have to answer this but what about him makes you like him?
Na-pion Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yeah i should not get closer to any site that make me purchase for worthless pixel thingy that you could never have it forever <3
;v; <3 i think will just talk and make friends in some kinda site that talks and chats.. haha 8D <3 sound a bit boring because you couldn't having dressing up games blah blah... 8D or sth like that like ;3; (do you know what i mean xD lol)but it's better isn't it. to not spent any money that you would someday regret about it! o7ob

i really don't know.. this is the problem, he is not handsome, he might be a smart guy with his studies and works but he like a child, really childish with society. he even didn't enjoy listen to music, or seeing movie. he just likes old opera songs and like reading books (but i'm not really bother about that) might be bcoz of his stupid things he did. <- not knowing how to react with his true age make he funny i guess. he even said to me he didn't have any happiness time ever since knowing me and i made him laugh? ... and bcoz of me he become more talktive or spent more time in real age? xD sound bit weird.. what do you think...? 8D
Hatress-Sama Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, you will register for different forums... that is a good idea... maybe I should join a few anime sites like that too... The part that makes it fun is the friends you make anyway<3
There is another site (not the one I mentioned earlier) called My Candy Love and it is kind of a forum mixed with a dating sim type thing. The original game was made in France but the one I play on is English... It is entirely free and it can be fun... This is just a random suggestion though, if you feel like seeing what this site is like...

Aw, I think it sounds cute<3 If you say he is childish an has trouble relating with others, maybe it will take some time for him to partake in 'normal' activities if he ever chooses to. With age and experience he may be better with people... But you should still be there to relieve some of the pressure to study and make him smile as you have been...
Does he just listen to Opera or does he also like other types of classical music... like symphony? I also wonder if he would like to see performances of operas, ballets and orchestras... Just wondering, I like classical music so I just wondered what his preferences are...
Na-pion Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
awww that site is good, i like the colors and anime style, but not really my type xD lol.. i still like to play with pixel more than anime style.
oh,do you know missbimbo.. it's a game like this one. making love and dressing up.. xD haha
wow, it's from France. i though is from English as usual o3o

Ballad i guess.. but yeah. i think i shouldn't like him anymore, will try to forget him somehow lol. i don't really want to wait for him to understand the "normal" activities anymore. Because i tried so hard, it's already 1 year, waiting and talk to them HOW to be a normal teenager, and i think he doesn't like it. and after all of that he not changing.. at all. that why make me feel disapointed about myself and either to him.
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